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Georgia Drug Possession Laws

Information about Georgia Drug Possession Laws

In the State of Georgia, Drug Possession is defined as willfully and knowingly possessing a controlled substance and this is a violation of both Georgia state and Federal laws. In addition to possessing a drug, in some cases it is illegal to possess substances or products which can be used to manufacture or cultivate drugs as well as drug paraphernalia. Depending upon the amount of drugs a person has when arrested, he or she may be charged with simple possession (small amount of narcotics) or with more serious charges if it is believed the drugs were to be sold or distributed. While most drug charges do not have a misdemeanor level in Georgia, marijuana does. However, all drug convictions (including misdemeanor marijuana) come with penalties including suspension of your drivers license. Because of this, it is important to fight all drug charges and make every possible effort to prevent any drug conviction from appearing on your record.