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Methamphetamine Penalty Chart

The State of Georgia has enacted very strong penalties for Methamphetamine and related substances.  A review of the penalties is shown below:

Whenever facing a felony drug charge, it is highly recommended to seek professional legal counsel. Call 1-855-9-ATL-DUI for a free consultation.

Penalties for Possession, Possession with Intent (PWI) to Distribute, Sale or Delivery, Manufacture:

Offense Penalty Grade Minimum Jail Sentence
28 grams or less felony 1 – 15 years $ 0
28 – 200 grams felony 10 years $ 200,000
200 – 400 grams felony 15 years $ 300,000
More than 400 grams felony 25 years $ 1,000,000


There are many other consequences of a felony drug conviction including a suspension of your driving privilege.  Call 1-855-9-ATL-DUI to find out more.

  • License suspension- A felony drug conviction will also cause your driver’s license to be suspended.  A first offense will be a 6 month suspension.
  • Criminal Background Checks- A felony drug conviction will show up on criminal background checks for the rest of your life. Most employers do background checks and once they see a felony conviction, they most likely will not hire you.  This can make finding work very difficult.
  • Public Humiliation- Many websites make a living out of publicizing your arrest details and mugshots.  They then charge you to have the pictures removed.  Whenever anyone searches, your details will be there.
  • Increased Auto Insurance Rates- Many people do not realize it, but a drug conviction can prompt your insurance company to increase your rates, often times drastically.
  • Civil Asset Forfeiture- The government may seize assets (for example your car) that were used in a crime. There are complicated procedures by which you may be able to recover these assets.

Whenever facing a felony drug charge, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Attorney Doug Chanco has experience on both sides of the law and uses that leverage to protect his clients.

To learn how to protect your rights, please call Attorney Doug Chanco for a free consultation at 1-855-9-ATL-DUI.

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