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Victim Arrested for DUI After Officer Crashes into Her Car

Victim Arrested for DUI After Officer Crashes into Her Car

It may come as a surprise, but these type of incidents do occur more often than they appear in the news. One night in February 2013, a Wisconsin deputy officer rolled past a stop sign and crashed into 25 year old Tanya Weyker’s car, breaking her neck in 4 places. “It was a miracle I wasn’tContinue Reading

Do Police Officers Work on Commission?

Do Police Officers Work on Commission?

Law enforcement is supposed to be about keeping the public safe, not about lining pockets. The recent reports from the Atlanta Police Department are very disturbing. APD email says traffic money to fund future pay raises ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has obtained an email sent to Atlanta police that says traffic ticket moneyContinue Reading

Police Corruption is Nothing New

Police Corruption is Nothing New

Last week we learned that 10 metro police officers have been charged in connection to helping to protect a drug trafficking ring.  We were appalled, but not surprised. Whenever you give people power, with a severe lack of oversight your have created a petri dish for corruption.  Corruption in police departments is not limited toContinue Reading

Georgia Police Officer Faslifies Readings in DUI Cases

Recent revelations that a Georgia police officer falsified readings in DUI cases has once again called into question the credibility of members of the police.  This is especially troubling in DUI cases where often times the bulk of the evidence is subjective and relies on the assessment of the police officer as to whether orContinue Reading

Police Mix up Names, Innocent Woman Spends 53 Days in Jail

Sloppy police work can have some really dangerous and damaging results.  Recently, Atlanta police arrested the wrong woman and she ended up spending 53 days in jail because of their error: Atlanta woman wrongly imprisoned for 53 days because of name mix-up An Atlanta woman says she was mistakenly imprisoned for 53 days because policeContinue Reading

Woman Forced to Give Labor While Shackled by the Police

A woman screams out in pain as she goes into labor.  She begs the sheriff to release one hand from the shackles but he coldly refuses.  This could only happen in a third-world country oppressed dictatorship, right? Wrong! This happens to a number of women right here in The United States. Their crime: being undocumentedContinue Reading

But I thought the Cops were the Good Guys

When we were kids, we were taught to always trust and believe police officers. We were taught that the police were the good guys.  They were noble, brave upholders of justice who were there to protect the public against crime.  Fast forward to adulthood and you realize that those stereotypes were a naive fallacy. PleaseContinue Reading

Stop the Execution of Innocent People

One of the main criticisms of capital punishment is that innocent people are put to death.  Out of the 270+ exonerations secured by the Innocence Project, many of the falsely accused had been serving on death row only to have their innocence proven through DNA testing.  It is clear that the system is broken andContinue Reading

A Call For Transparency in Atlanta Law Enforcement

Atlanta Police Departments Have Their Own Slush Funds? It’s called civil asset forfeiture and under the law, Georgia law enforcement agencies are allowed to take and spend seized money or property which is believed to have been obtained illegally. For example, officers may seize sizable amounts of cash in a drug raid and keep thatContinue Reading